2023 Reynolds 1023
Build Windmills, Not Walls

In this session, Dr. Jamie Reynolds will deliver his memorable NEXUS 2023 wrap-up session. During our time together, he will encourage practices to build windmills to fuel growth, rather than bunkering down to take shelter, during our current economic climate. 

Be sure to join us as Dr. Reynolds delivers some timely messages and warnings to practices who are still determining the course they should chart for 2024 and beyond.

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DR. JAMIE REYNOLDS | Reynolds Orthodontics

Dr. Jamie Reynolds is a prominent voice in high-tech orthodontics, known for his innovation and expertise. As a dedicated orthodontist at Reynolds Orthodontics in Michigan, he's a leading authority in the field, an acclaimed speaker, and a successful private practice owner. Committed to making advanced orthodontic care accessible, he co-founded OrthoFi and initiated local chapters of Smile for a Lifetime and Smiles Change Lives, aiding low-income children with "smile scholarships." Founder of Project Mariposa, a growing local-to-national orthodontic charity.

In 2019, Dr. Reynolds partnered with Dr. Jeff Kozlowski to establish Orthodontic Partners, a nationwide practice enhancing clinical and business practices. Media-savvy, he's featured in US News, Woman’s World, and more. A "Certified Damon Educator," he’s garnered recognition including "Top Orthodontist" by Hour Detroit Magazine annually since 2009.

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